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Counselling and Psychotherapy In Sheffield

It’s not always easy to ask for help or know how to start when things in our lives seem overwhelming or difficult to understand or manage. I believe that a safe space in which to explore our experiences and thoughts can help us find a way forward and that, given the right environment and understanding, we all have a great capacity within us to find the answers for ourselves. Counselling can offer you help and support on that path ahead.


In essence, I believe that a warm, genuine and non-judgemental relationship is the most important element of therapy and at the very heart of the way I approach working with my clients.

As an integrative practitioner, I draw on different approaches to the therapeutic work depending on the needs of each client, as no two people are the same. And after many years working as as a massage therapist, I believe that body and mind are inextricably connected, so part of the way I work may be to use mindfulness and increasing the awareness of what goes on in the body as well as in the mind.

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